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Article: How to Accessorize Your Bag

How to Accessorize Your Bag

We always talk about what bag you should buy, which is the most occasion-appropriate bag; which bag is the most versatile and would look good with all your outfits but what about all the bags you already own in your closet? Do you just throw them off before you get yourself new ones? No right! You don’t always have to hoard your closet with new bags, sometimes just giving them a new look can solve lots of your problems. Accessorizing is such an underrated thing when it comes to styling or choosing the bag. We accessorize our everyday looks with belts, chains, glasses, scarves, and many more all the time, so why not do the same with your bag? Doing this is beneficial in a lot of ways. Firstly, you don’t have to keep buying yourself new bags every weekend which means you’re being more sustainable as well and it’s easy on your pocket. It’s a win-win, isn’t it? Now that you’re convinced but still confused as to what to do. Here’s your guide to accessorizing your bag and giving it a completely fresh and new look!

Attach a chain

The simplest yet most elegant way to accessorize your bag is by adding a chain. It could be a silver chain, a golden chain, or even a patterned plastic chain. Different bags would require different colors, sizes, and patterns of chains. So, when you want to carry your regular tote bag you can just attach a small chain to the side of a handle whereas when you choose to accessorize your baguette bag you can run an entire chain across the length of a bag. If you wanna add a quirky touch to your boring old brown bag, you can add a funky leopard print chain, and voila your bag looks high fashion, runway ready!

Tie a Scarf

I can’t stress enough how much something as small as a scarf can add to your bag. Don’t we all have that one scarf we brought because it looks absolutely stunning but never really was used after being stuffed in that drawer? Well, it's time you wipe the dust off of it and tie it to your favorite bag. Across the handle for your big duffle bag and to the corner side of the sling bag. You can tie it as a bow along the strap or completely wrap the handle for a super chic look. Whatever you choose to go with, just don’t forget to experiment and keep trying new looks until you find your signature style.

Add a charm

If you want your bag to look charming just add a charm! Jokes aside, but really one of the simplest yet sophisticated ways to accessorize and stylize your bag is by adding a key chain or a charm. Simply clip on a ring, loop it to the zipper of your simple dome bag, and right away you’ve completely transformed your bag and added a unique flair to it. You can even make a diy charm just by making a unique crochet pattern or design to add a personalized touch to your bag.

Why have one bag when you can have two?

How many bags are enough bags to hold a lady’s stuff? Indeed, one isn’t enough. Every time that you look at your big bag and say “aah why do I have to carry this big boy everywhere” just attach a mini bag and your problem is solved. Adding a small pouch or bag not only will help you carry your small necessities like air pods, house keys, and lipstick that get lost in that big old junk in your bag you’re too lazy to clean but also will add an extra sense of texture and style to your regular handbag. You can also accessorize your bag with a tiny coin purse, that not only would look funky but would be incredibly practical for accessing change quickly and easily.

Color coordinate

For every time you choose to wear a loud color or poppy fit, you get stuck in choosing the bag because let’s be real we can’t have all the colors in our closet. One day you wanna wear orange and green and the other day you wanna wear pink and red. Sometimes you even wanna look like the sunshine that you are and show up in a bright yellow dress. Well, girl only if you could have the entire spectrum in your closet things would be so much better, but till the time you can’t color coordination is the solution to this problem. Color coordination isn’t only limited to color, think of it as a metaphor for style. For example, when you plan to wear the hot pink blazer and green pants you can add a green or pink scarf to your office bag and instantly look put together, but when you plan on wearing that Kurti with ripped jeans, wear big jhumkas, all you have to do is attach a tassel or indie keychain to your cross body sling bag and tie your entire boho look together in the blink of an eye!

There are a million ways to accessorize a bag just by using things lying in your closet or by making a small investment resulting in a mountain worth of a difference in the look of your regular not so special bag! I love to accessorize all my bags to give them a new personality of their own, which isn’t stolen from anyone else, designed by anyone else, or customized for an outfit by anyone else but me. Another huge plus of embellishing your bags is that now you think before mindlessly tossing your bag out of the window, you’re more mindful of buying a new bag every time you can’t style your look with your old bags because now you know how by making small changes you can entirely transform the look of your bag and look like the queen that you are.

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