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Article: Types of Women's Wallets


Types of Women's Wallets

The phone, keys, and yes, your wallet—at least three items—are likely to be in everyone's pockets. When it comes to everyday objects that people carry, the wallet is commonplace. Regardless of work, whether you're a student, a working professional, or just someone going out for a vacation, you will require a wallet. Your cash, business cards, credit/debit cards, driver's license, bills, keys, coins, and many other items are all carried by it and kept readily accessible. Therefore, knowing which kind of wallet is best for what occasion is extremely important. Here’s a list of different types of women's wallets that you must know about and have your hands on.

Classic Wallets

Classic Wallets as the name suggests are classic in nature. They’re the perfect women’s wallets there are in the market. It is long, spacious, and rectangular in shape. This one is typically for someone who carries a bigger bag and carries a wallet inside of it. So, whenever you carry your big tote bag to your office, and you want to go out for a break you can always just pull your mobile phone and wallet out of the bag, and take a walk around without carrying your bulky bag around. The classic Mughal motif wallet can be used for your day-to-day office or college use, as it contains two chains one big one and one small. You can store all the important cards and cash in the bigger zip and a small tissue or pass in front.

Women's Wallets

The women’s wallets are exactly like the classic ones except for the fact that these do not have two chains. These are rectangular long and very spacious. Something that you’d carry inside your handbag or sling bag. These have two compartments inside the chain and a small secret chain in which you can store the most valuable thing in the wallet. It also has a coin pocket which will keep your coins secure from falling off once you open the wallet.

Mini Wallets

These as the name suggests are small or mini wallets. Squared in shape and comparatively smaller in size. Inside the squared zip, there are two compartments wherein you can fold your notes and store them. A small coin pocket helps you store coins too and the secret chain for anything else that could be important.

Three-Fold Wallets

The three fold wallets are the most functional and user-friendly wallets. These have a beautiful fold design in which you can carry all of your notes, docs, and cards safely. It also has an additional chain detail to keep your keys and coins safely inside. These can be carried in your small sling bags and big dome shaped bags.

Sleek Wallets

Lastly, sleek wallets are those that are as thin as paper. These may not be able to carry everything but can carry your notes and an important card or two and you do not even need a bag to store it. All you have to do is slip it into your pocket.

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