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Article: Things Every Modern Woman Should Carry in Her Purse

Things Every Modern Woman Should Carry in Her Purse

Everyone calls a lady’s purse the magic purse because they know she can carry her entire world in it. Starting from absolute essentials to things you didn’t know you needed in your bag. So here are a few things you must carry in your small ladies clutch whether you’re working, studying, or even out on a break and just chilling.

Wallet and house keys

Whichever purse you’re carrying big or small, you must have a separate wallet or pouch for all your valuables. Your wallet contains your id, debit and credit cards, cash, passes, etc. hence keeping them lying around in your purse could be very messy. Investing in a regular ladies wallet or if your purse is small, a tri-fold wallet is the best way to organise all of your cash cards and you can even store your house keys in it.

Hair accessories

How can you leave your house without these? That one day you forgot to carry your scrunchie your entire hair was in a mess by the time you reached the office. It’s either reaching your destination looking like a disaster because of excessive wind and pollution or just having to pull back your hair the whole time. No one wants that, that’s why carrying these in your purse is a must.

Lip balm

This is such a tiny thing that it’ll barely take up any or no space in your clutch, but it can be a lifesaver when your lips are feeling deserted. Always have a lip balm in your sling bag just in case your lips need that moisturization from the dryness caused by the liquid lipsticks or the weather.

Pocket tissues

With the pollution and humidity around especially on hot summer days, you need your wipes handy because let’s be real no one wants likes to be sweaty and oily during the day. Even sometimes when you are in a public place, you’d want to wipe your seat before sitting there or wipe your hands after a quick snack. Having pocket tissues or wipes is always a good idea. There’s a reason that all the latest ladies purses have multiple compartments so that there’s space for everything without any dumping.

Instant snacks

Every time you’re feeling hungry, you must have some munchies to grab on so that you aren’t cranky before a meeting or a presentation. Carrying tiny snacks like peanuts or protein bars in your clutch bag could calm you down for when you’ve never imagined you’d turn hangry

Earphones and charger

We’re a generation constantly addicted to our phones. Either for work or for Netflix and sometimes for social media scrolling. Whatever the reason maybe you should always have your mobile charger handy for you never know when your phone becomes dead and you might need it for an emergency call or looking up google maps.

Pocket notepad

Yeah, I know we have phones now but it’s not always possible to jot down everything on it. If you want to make a list, take down a phone number, or want to remember something useful, jot it down in your pocket notepad. We’ve all been there when we need a pen and paper. And I know you always think that you have one at the bottom of your purse but you don’t! Always carry a small post-it note stack in your purse, it barely takes up any space!  

Pocket perfume

Who doesn’t like smelling good and feeling fresh, we all do. From all that summer sweat and traveling in public transport, you end up smelling meh by the time you reach your office or college. Spraying a few pumps of your favorite body mist or perfume will keep you smelling and feeling fresh and fruity all day long, and give you that confidence boost you needed to take over the day!


Oral hygiene is just as important as your physical hygiene. Hence carrying a pack of mints so that you can pop the pill whenever you feel like you have a long meeting or presentation ahead is an instant confidence boost for yourself and gives people around a very smart impression of you. Isn’t bad breath after a meal a turn-off anyway? A lady should always have some mints or gum in her bag to smell minty and fresh.

Essential medicines

Last but not the least, in today’s time when work and college hustle-bustle has become so stressful, you never know when your body hit you with a headache or acidity, and one of those days of the month the cramps aah! So, carrying your mini first aid or medicine pouch could provide you with instant pain relief and save the day. Hence, it’s a must to carry your medicine pouch with you.

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