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Article: Things Every Modern Woman Should Carry in Her Bag

Things Every Modern Woman Should Carry in Her Bag

They say never peep into a lady’s bag, she carries her entire world in it! Well, they aren’t wrong, are they? All of us have heard this from a man at some point in our life, “I can never find anything in your bag, even though it's stuffed with a million things”. As a modern woman who is studying or working or doing both simultaneously, she always needs to be well equipped to get through the day. 

Here are a few must-haves for your everyday bags, and if you don't have these rush and throw them in right away.

Wallet and keys

Imagine leaving your house without your house keys and wallet! How do u even get through the day without the two? You can dump everything else in your handbag but your cards and cash need a separate space. A wallet is one of the most essential items in one’s bag. It has all of your debit cards, credit cards, cash, Id proof and sometimes house keys. That’s why having a functional and durable wallet is also a must so that u can store all of the essentials without worrying about it tearing or getting ruined. 


When you’re travelling alone all by yourself, earphones are your best friends. To escape all that noise and chaos around, you need to have your earphones handy so that you can listen to your favourite songs and podcasts and reach your destination stress-free.

Device chargers

When you’re a working woman, you get work calls at the most unexpected time. Having to check urgent emails, or joining a skype call is the most normal thing to happen and you’ll never know when the battery runs out. Hence carrying your mobile phone and laptop chargers is a must, to keep your work running smoothly.

Water bottle

From travelling to walking in the sun to your office to even feeling lazy to get up from your desk to fetch water, having a water bottle handy is extremely important for you to stay hydrated and more importantly sane!

Tissue paper or wipes

With the pollution and humidity around especially on hot summer days, you need your wipes handy because let’s be real no one wants likes to be sweaty and oily during the day.

Sanitary napkins/ tampons

You know what that secret chain in your tote bag is always saved for, it’s the sanitary napkins. For when your menstrual cycle starts unexpectedly you should always carry a pad or two for yourself or even to help out a fellow sister when she’s in urgent need.


For all my girlfriends who feel hungry all the time, carrying munchies like a protein bar, peanuts, dry fruits or even chocolates could save the day for y’all. So the next time you feel hungry you can just pull out your snack from your handbag and cure that urge to kill someone because you’re feeling hangry!

Hair accessories

For a girl forgetting her hair tie or clutch is always her worst nightmare. It’s either reaching your destination in a complete mess because of excessive wind and pollution or just having to pull back your hair the whole time. I mean tying your hair with it with a pen or thread is not anyone’s go-to, is it? That’s why having a multi compartment handbag and saving that tiny compartment for your bob pins, scrunchies, and clutches are a must so that you don’t lose it in all of that mess inside.


You can look the best in the room but if you don’t smell pleasant, gurl people are running away from you. From all that summer sweat and travelling on public transport, you end up smelling meh by the time you reach your office or college. Spraying a few pumps of your favourite body mist or perfume will keep you smelling and feeling fresh and fruity all day long!


Oral hygiene is just as important as your body hygiene. Hence carrying a pack of mints so that you can pop the pill whenever you feel like you have a long meeting or presentation ahead is an instant confidence boost for yourself and gives people around a very smart impression of you.

Pepper spray

I can’t stress enough how important it is for every woman to carry pepper spray in her. Whether you’re young or old, studying or working doesn’t matter. Get yourself a tote bag with compartments and save one of the bag compartments especially for keeping your pepper spray, so that it's not just lying around somewhere in your bag but in a secure compartment where you can easily have access to it in emergency situations. 

Makeup bag

For when you want to do those quick touch-ups and look presentable before that presentation or zoom meeting of yours. You must have a small makeup pouch that has all of your basic essential items like lipsticks, compact powder, mascara and makeup wipes to clean up if you made any mess.

Necessary medicines

We live in an era where work is one of the most stressful environments to be in. Finding the work-life balance can be difficult on some days. Something like a headache, stomach ache, fever, or back pain can trouble you right in the middle of the day, and trust me it isn’t pleasant. So carrying your mini first aid or medicine pouch could provide you with instant pain relief and save the day. Hence, it’s a must to carry your medicine pouch with you.

Sunglasses and SPF

Last but definitely not the least, sun protection! If you are someone who lives in a hot and humid area having your sunscreen, sunglasses, scarf or cap is a must. You could have either or all of them but to save yourself from the harmful UV rays and dehydration always make sure you keep a small pack of sunscreen and sunglasses in your bag.

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